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rail trip

Cross Country Rail Trip!

The day of reckoning is here. Today I leave California for my new life on that other coast. I resigned from NASA a couple of weeks ago, and am ready to start the next adventure as a high school physics teacher for Boston’s high-need urban schools.

I shipped 9 storage containers and a bicycle from my house in Quartz Hill, emptied/donated/sold the rest of the stuff in my house and handed it over to a property manager for rental, then headed up to NorCal to spend some time with the fam. We took a little coast trip to Monterey (photoset from the aquarium pending until I get my desktop up and running in Boston), and then spent some quality time for the last few days at home.

Today, I leave Sacramento on Amtrak, bound for Boston on a 4-day rail trip adventure! I change once in Chicago, where I switch from the California Zephyr to the Lake Shore Limited. I cashed in 35,000 Amtrak Guest Rewards points to travel in style, gratis… I’ve got a private roomette the whole way and meals included!

Internet access will be sporadic, so tumblr updates are not likely to be often, but I will be tweeting via @quantumcowboy on hashtag #TrainXC if you want to follow along. I’m also taking video and photo along the way, also posted here when I get the desktop up and running on the other end.