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Can I just say, I am so thankful for pita. Otherwise I would probably be just eating straight hummus and drinking olive oil. And that would just be awkward in public.

My darling roommates got up early to make me a breakfast of stuffed french toast and fruit, a card, and decorations for the kitchen! Awwwwww….. thanks Roomies! Much love.

Absolutely. Freaking. Amazing. Kind of having a nerdgasm here.


Fractal pancakes and organ pancakes!  Now I know what’s been missing from my morning routine all these years.  These are from Saipancakes and if you’re not satisfied with what you see here, don’t worry, they have lots more.

…those lungs look extra tasty, don’t they?

(via neatorama)

Steelhead salmon with lemon, dill, cayenne, rosemary, sage, and a ton of garlic… garnished with tomatoes and baby portabellas.