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oh shit

BTR Acceptance… Running GTalk Commentary

me: i have the BTR acceptance form up
sort of just staring at it
Sent at 12:50 PM on Wednesday

Amy: hah, well you have a few days that you can just stare at it

me: no, i dont need to stare at it
there is no further information i need
in my heart i already know
its just getting my brain to press the button
Sent at 1:20 PM on Wednesday

me: so….
i just turned my brain off and pressed yes
Sent at 1:35 PM on Wednesday

Amy: B-)

me: so i turned my brain back on and its just going ohshitohshitohshit
Sent at 1:38 PM on Wednesday

me: AMY
Sent at 1:44 PM on Wednesday

Amy: 😀
you just made a brave choice to improve the world
it will be difficult, painful, terrifying, wonderful and deeply gratifying
Sent at 1:52 PM on Wednesday

me: /gulp
Sent at 1:55 PM on Wednesday

me: i must be insane
ohhhhhh shit
Sent at 2:07 PM on Wednesday