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It’s spring break and I am with my parents visiting some close family friends in Virginia. Among them is Dr. Dilantha Ellegala, a neurosurgeon who is pretty much  literally saving the world. Check out his work with Madaktari, in Tanzania:

I just love what he and this organization are doing.  Their vision:

In a globalized world, with ever increasing demands and challenges, Madaktari is investing in the knowledge infrastructure of Africa, creating a more permanent and sustainable form of health care.  The goal is to break the cycle of conventional dependence on outside aid organizations and to increase self-sufficiency and sustainability.  Based on the results so far, these are achievable goals. By reaching over-worked and underserved physicians and their patients, Madaktari spans all healthcare sectors: rural and urban hospitals, academic centers, governmental agencies and educational certifying organizations.   The Madaktari model, with its mission of sharing specialty medical knowledge at a grass roots level, can lead to developing countries becoming more autonomous.  It’s a model that can also work in developed countries with pockets of geographically or culturally isolated communities with poor or no access to health care.

Can’t say more at the moment, but I can say that they happen to be needing support with an educational endeavor and a theatrical adventure soon… And gosh, just what will I be doing with all these summers free…