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New Data on TFA

Education Week recently posted the results of a study by Phi Delta Kappan on Teach for America and the nebulous debate over teacher retention. The article pretty much speaks for itself, so I’m not going to rehash anything here. Some surprising findings for both sides of the raging argument.

The one paragraph I’d just like to quote, however, reemphasizes why I just don’t care about the debate one way or the other:

These findings show that Teach For America teachers are far from being exclusively short-term in their intentions or actions. Some appear to use the program as a path to an extended career in teaching. They may choose TFA as a way to bypass longer preparation programs, licensing requirements, or the bureaucratic obstacles associated with landing a teaching job, especially in a large, urban district. They also may have wanted the status and camaraderie that come with becoming TFA corps members. Whatever their reasons, it seems clear that a considerable proportion of those in the sample expected to make a longer-term commitment to teaching from the start.

(Emphasis mine.)