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Still awaiting IKEA delivery of my desk (among other things, holy $1200 shopping spree), so the desktop still doesn’t have a home, meaning that there are still no photos processed from the Monterey Aquarium and the XC rail trip. However! Brief updates on the new life so far.

City life is certainly an adjustment. Walking everywhere and taking public transit is a change, but its actually nice because the transit here is pretty awesome. So far I’ve bummed a ride to IKEA and Target for the room/apartment accoutrements (like furniture, etc) but other than that everything has been walking distance… organic market, bars, restaurants, hardware store, bank, coffee, bike shop, parks, running trails, water… etc. Very nice. And my roomies are pretty awesome. So, on the whole so far really, really loving this move.

Found a great food market at which food is a little on the high end, but all organic, locally grown, and delicious. The produce and basics were reasonable, but the meat prices were crazy there, so I may have to bike the mile down to the Whole Foods to try that out (once I get my bike tuned). In general though, probably not a bad idea to reduce meat consumption anyway for health.

Downsides so far: It’s hot and HUMID and there’s no A/C… but the fans make it tolerable. Also: I am once again hoarding quarters for laundry, which seems pricey to me ($2/load for washer + $2/load for dryer). 

The photos here were taking during a 15-min total duration walk I took when I decided to post about the area. Jamaica Plain is a friendly little neighborhood in Boston, near Jamaica Pond. It’s very pretty.

Ok, BTR Orientation tomorrow! Got to get my pre-reading done, and probably iron some clothes.