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Arc 1.3 Competition – Science Fiction

Link: Arc 1.3 Competition – Science Fiction

Found my writing project for the next month. Game on.

Arc, in collaboration with The Tomorrow Project, is looking for new, original stories – between 3000 and 5000 words – set in the near future. Technology, from robotics to synthetic biology to geo-engineering – should be featured prominently. But we’re looking for stories, not theses, and the human element will have to be compelling.

The current theme for submissions is “Post Human Conditions”. We want you to explore the post human condition and tell us what you see. Is humanity due for a make-over? Dare we change ourselves? And into what? Fifteen or twenty years from now, will we have made ourselves happier, or not? What will “happiness” mean to our children, and their children?

You’ll find our own approaches to that theme throughout Arc 1.2. Distinctive, thoughtful visions inspired by this theme are more likely to be successful, so it’s very important that you follow the first rule of writing and read the magazine first! Arc’s editors will select one story for publication in the next issue. We will pay £500 for that story and £200 for each of five shortlisted stories.