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The following are personal projects of mine that have involved a combination of several blog posts and photographs, linked together by a common goal. Clicking on a link will bring up all posts that were tagged as part of that project.

Jamaica Pond 2013 was one of my (failed) resolutions for 2013. The goal was to get out to the pond at least once a month for every month in the year and to post a photo. I had hoped to be able to create a mosaic of photographs across the changing seasons. Alas, the time constraints of being a first year teacher crushed my dreams. That said, there are still some good shots in there.

Boskone 50 documents my experiences at the 50th annual Boskone science fiction convention, held in Boston February 15-17, 2013. The posts are transcriptions and commentary from my written notes taken in the panel sessions. Boskone is a very literary con, so the notes should appeal mainly to writers of science fiction, though some panels certainly touch on issues related to fandom and science in general.

Hyde-Jackson is the 2014 neighborhood photojournalism project that I have undertaken with Larissa Estrada. Dubbed “Boston’s Latin Quarter” by many, the eclectic stretch of Centre St. between Hyde Square and Jackson Square in Jamaica Plain is home to a diverse mix of people. It is also ground zero for many of the issues shaping Boston right now: gentrification, affordable housing, commercial redevelopment, ethnic identity, class divides, and straining public transit.

Falchuk for Governor compiles all of my posts in support of Evan Falchuk and the United Independent Party in the 2014 Massachusetts gubernatoral campaign.

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