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Nalin A. Ratnayake

[Last updated Oct 23, 2012.]

I am currently a resident in Boston Teacher Residency, working toward my M.Ed. in secondary education and licensure in high school physics. Next year I will be teaching at an urban public high school that I believe will support me in embracing a rigorous, inquiry-based approach to science. My philosophy of science education incorporates creativity, big-picture thinking, literacy, and data-driven practices into the daily learning that takes place in the classroom.

(My engineering credentials are listed separately.)

Blog posts that highlight my views on science education:
The Role of the Science Classroom in an Enlightened Democracy
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What is 21st Century Education?
Scientific Literacy as Social Justice (BTR Blog)

Post categories of interest to educators:
Nothing in education should be for profit, ever. As I develop sound lesson plans, handouts, curriculum materials, and tools for teachers, I plan to post them to this blog for free and unlimited distribution. So far, the following categories have been created:
All posts marked Lesson Materials (including lesson plans, handouts, projects, etc).

Initial License in Physics,  Anticipated: July 2013
Will continue coursework through BTR for Initial License in Special Education, Anticipated: 2014

UMass Boston                     Boston, MA    July 2013 (expected)
M.Ed., concentration in Secondary Physics Education
Boston Teacher Residency: Coursework in physics content methods, social justice, special education, language acquisition, foundations of teaching, and literacy. Included a practicum year in Boston Public Schools.

Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America, Version 4 Totale) Levels 1-5 in process. Basic conversational proficiency is expected by September 2013.

September 2012 to present: Boston Teacher Resident
Boston Community Leadership Academy

  • Student teacher for 1 block of Physics 2 for high school juniors, student co-teacher for two additional blocks of junior Physics 2 and one block of freshman Physics 1
  • Unit and lesson planning, lab experiment design, parent/community relations, and implementation of data-driven practices in the classroom
  • Ongoing case studies and support of ELL students as well as students with disabilities in an inclusion environment