Ozzie Osmium

I just keep coming up with occasions to use this wig. Originally it was for an 80’s party. Then it was perfect for pulling a stunt in Newport Beach at which I strutted into a fancy Italian restaurant by the ocean with an entourage of groupies after visibly getting off a private yacht, wearing this wig and talking like I was on tour in the ‘States. We got seats at the piano. The third occasion involved tequila, AC/DC, and accidentally getting dragged to a sorority cocktail mixer (and I offer no further details).

Now, finally, a legitimate academic purpose.  Apparently, every year for Halloween, the science department at my residency school dresses up as elements from the periodic table. Naturally, I saw an opportunity to claim a new role for this adventure-inducing collection of fake hair.

So today I was Osmium…. the heaviest metal. Rock on.

(As an aside, we did resolve the objection that, although Iridium is a metal with a higher atomic mass, very rarely do we find a single atom of a substance. The solid structure of pure Osmium is much denser than that of Iridium, hence making Osmium the heaviest metal as it would be found or used.)

Oh yeah, and the pink was to cap off breast cancer awareness month. The students and staff raised a lot of money for the cause, thanks to the independent initiative of one of my students. Good stuff.


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