Giant Uterus Heads for GOP Convention

A Facebook dialogue involving my friend, listed here as ASW:

SG: can we all grow up

ASW: The link is a joke, utilizing humor to cope with a heinous situation, a technique used by humans for thousands of years in situations where the only other option is to cry. In this way, it is a very adult approach to dealing with politicians who are so juvenile and ignorant that they have no concept of elementary biology, and ignorant and savage enough to condone rape! Yes, please, let’s all grow up.

SG: Yes they where wrong to say what they did about rape but that is not the grow up way to handle it not the way all republics believe as a Christian it is wrong to kill unborn children

ASW: As an American it is wrong to force your religion on everyone in the country. I can’t imagine having an abortion myself, that doesn’t mean it’s okay for me to decide what someone else should do with their body. This country was founded on the very premise of freedom of religion, and it is a shame how many people forget that very basic right. It is spectacular that we live in a country in which you and I can have this conversation, and that I can post a corny political joke on my fb without risk of flogging. I think that those rights are absolutely worth fighting/arguing heatedly for. On that note: Insisting that a woman who has been raped must cope with every painful moment that comes with carrying and giving birth to a child that she in no way asked for, in addition to the lifetime of psychological pain & shame that she will have to cope with anyway, is an atrocious misuse of power which says “it’s OK to abuse women, they are powerless semi-humans anyway.”

Yeah. What she said.

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