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March 2012

Wendy Kopp: The Trouble With Humiliating Teachers –

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Wendy Kopp, founder and CEO of Teach for America and Teach for All, recently wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal that I thought was actually very cogent and balanced: Wendy Kopp: The Trouble With Humiliating Teachers – I note that she (seems to) make the important distinction between data-driven methods to inform instruction versus standardized testing to make high-stakes career decisions for teachers.

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Teaching Underground just posted some Friday Inspiration for the teachers who follow that blog. An excerpt:

Every day I influence the minds of a generation of youth.  Probably more than 100 kids a year care more about what I say than the President.  Decisions that I make every day will impact the quality of life for over 100 kids more directly than legislative decisions.  One hundred children-citizens of my county will learn from me whether they can name the members of our school board or not.  Lot’s of people can claim that they are “in it for the children” but I’m in it so deep that my contribution can be measured.