With Extreme Pleasure

Dear Nalin,


It is with extreme pleasure that we write to offer you a Teacher Resident position in the Boston Teacher Residency program for the 2012-13 school year. You are to be congratulated; the admissions process is extremely competitive and only a small percentage of applicants are accepted. We have selected you based upon your demonstrated potential to become an outstanding educator for Boston’s children – welcome to BTR Cohort 10!

Below we have included important information for you to review as you make an enrollment decision. We recommend that you print this letter as well as the linked documents and review them carefully in order to make an informed decision. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact information for admissions staff is included at the end of this letter.


You have been accepted for the following content: Science – HS Physics

As a district-based teacher preparation program, BTR endeavors to prepare teachers to meet the needs of the Boston Public Schools. We partner closely with BPS Human Resources in an effort to align our acceptance decisions with the projected hiring needs in School Year 2013-14, during which Cohort 10 grads will be entering BPS as teachers of record. It is important to keep in mind that there are many factors that may impact projected teacher openings within the next two school years; the current economy, school climate, and any unanticipated events that may occur within this time frame make it difficult to project exact openings well in advance.

That said, based upon what we do know about Boston’s student population and high-needs instructional areas, all BTR residents will be prepared to teach in the content area and/or grade level for which they have been accepted [Program Offered], and will also receive training to work with students with learning disabilities and with English Language Learners within their content/grade. The training provided by BTR during the residency will be geared toward preparing you to be a successful educator not only for your content/grade, but also to teach that content/grade for these student populations. This preparation includes: 

  • Masters degree in Education – granted by UMass Boston after successful completion of BTR coursework taught by BTR faculty
  • Massachusetts Initial Teacher License in the content/grade for which you have been accepted [Program Offered] – upon successfully meeting requirements of the residency placement and practicum
  • Coursework and training to work with students with learning disabilities within your content classroom [i.e. teaching your content/grade within a Special Education setting]
  • Coursework and training required to work with English Language Learners within your content classroom [i.e. teaching your content/grade within an ELL setting]


You have been assigned the following dual license track: Special Education

In addition to the training and preparation outlined above, all residents are assigned a dual licensure track based upon their application and qualifications. The SpEd and ELL training provided during the residency year prepares all residents to work with these student populations within a regular education setting. We believe this training is essential for any teacher in the Boston Public Schools. However, after the residency year, graduates may pursue additional licensure in either Special Education or English as a Second Language, which will provide further experience with and training in a range of instructional settings for those student populations.

Next steps:

The Welcome Packet linked below contains a more detailed New Resident Checklist to help you plan next steps and things to prepare/complete in advance of the residency year. Below, we’ve included more immediate next steps required for enrollment.


We ask that you submit your enrollment decision via the Online Enrollment Form no later than 5pm on January 31, 2012. In order to help you make an informed decision and answer Frequently Asked Questions, we have included a link to the New Resident Welcome Packet below. [Please note that all forms will be reviewed in detail at a future New Resident Info Session — there is no need to complete any paperwork at this time.]


Please review carefully the BTR MTEL Policy included in the Welcome Packet. Please understand that by accepting our offer of admission, you are agreeing to take all MTEL tests necessary at each test date until you have passed them.

BTR institutes this policy so that all Residents are able to finish with the MTEL requirement and concentrate on learning to teach during the preparation year. You can register at: http://www.mtel.nesinc.com/. If for any reason you do not pass one or more of the tests you must take it again on the next available test date.

After enrollment:

Mark your calendars: an information session for newly enrolled residents has been scheduled for February 27th, 2012 at our offices at 6 Beacon Street. We will send additional information to enrolled residents after the enrollment deadline with details on registration as well as web/phone alternatives for those with prior commitments or who are out of town and cannot attend. No need to RSVP now; a follow up email will be sent in early February to those who have enrolled by the January 31st enrollment deadline, and will include information on what to bring/prepare.


After enrollment, new Cohort 10 residents will be asked to complete the following UMass Boston application materials and bring them to the New Resident Info Session:

  • Complete UMass Boston Application Pages 2-4 and Page 6
  • A check for the $60 application fee made out to UMass Boston
We will forward your application materials (and your BTR application) to UMass Boston at which point you will become an applicant of UMass Boston and must formally be accepted through their Graduate Admissions office. Additional information about UMass Boston is included in the Welcome Packet; we will also discuss UMass in detail at the New Resident Info Session.

We strongly recommend that you apply for federal financial aid as early as possible by completing and submitting an online FAFSA. You should have your information sent directly to UMass/Boston. The process is free, and you are not obligated to accept any loans that you are granted – so you are not committing to anything by applying for financial aid. However, in our experience, most residents will choose to take out student loans during the residency year and it is helpful to apply as early as possible since funding is limited. Please note that regardless of other financial aid, completing the FAFSA will be a required component for all residents who intend to use the AmeriCorps Ed Award to cover degree costs from UMass Boston.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the program or enrollment process:

Carolyn Chen, Recruitment & Admissions Manager
Kate Diedrick, Admissions Associate

We very much look forward to working with you, and are excited to have you join our community of talented and committed educators working in service of the children and families of Boston.

Again, congratulations.


BTR Admissions

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