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mexican food

It’s a bit of a tradition at Dryden to see people off with a luncheon at Domingo’s Mexican and Seafood Restaurant in Boron, CA. It’s also a Domingo’s tradition to sing and smear flan on the guest of honor…

Many fond memories of this shack of a Mexican place in the middle of the Mojave. Lots of of students going in and out on their internship and co-op rotations had their sendoffs here, as well as retirements, birthdays, project successes, and even meeting astronauts after they landed in the Space Shuttle at Edwards. Good times, and thanks to my branch for taking me out on my last week!

[Video thanks to my friend Michelle Berger, taken on Thursday June 14th, 2012.]

This short clip (filtered with a click to look like a Ye Olde Tyme Sylente Filme) actually captures the personality of my friend Mathew pretty accurately. I mean, it doesn’t even need sound.

I ran into Matt today in the parking lot of the Von’s on 40th W, coming out of my dentist appointment. We immediately decided to catch up over some Mexican food. I think it’s great how some friendships just sort of pick up wherever they left off. In no time we were quoting nerdy movies, discussing life and the universe, and speculating on various harebrained schemes. Good times.