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Expanding the Options

Whew, ok TFA application was submitted successfully on the 26th… I should find out on the 3rd (day after tomorrow) if I advanced to the phone interview phase. No time for details at the moment, since I’m in the middle of tech week for a play that is opening this Friday (yeah I know, busy enough?)… but due to ever-growing philosophical differences with TFA, I’ve decided to pursue other routes into teaching as well, at least so that I have a few options to consider.

I have started an application to the Boston Teacher Residency program, which looks amazing. The early application deadline (just two weeks away… eeep) results in an admissions notification at about the same time as TFA (third week of January), so I will be able to compare the opportunities if I happen to get both. I’ve filled out the basic app, ordered transcripts, and uploaded my C.V. and relevant course listing. Remaining: see if my two TFA recommenders will also be willing to fill out the online forms for this one too, and also to add at least one more. Also, the essays… should be similar to my TFA ones, but I want to tailor them specifically for this program.

Also in work, but with much less progress (and less clear deadlines): the Chicago Teaching Fellows. More later.