On the Verge of Something Great

I’m feeling nervous and excited for my final BTR interview. I’ve done the pre-reading, watched the video we were supposed to watch, prepared my lesson, printed my handouts, analyzed the organization’s content, press, and evaluations, and of course done a whole hell of a lot more thinking. Now I’m all packed and ready to leave tomorrow morning on a flight bound for Beantown.

I’ve updated my five-minute TFA lesson to fit BTR’s seven-minute format and explicit emphasis on student-driven learning. I removed a lot of the background and “telling” and instead have a series of questions prepared to guide students themselves through the logic train. I have about a three minute reserve to allow for questions and thinking/debating time. If they go through it quickly and time permits, I plan to lead them to draw parallels between the potential/kinetic energy tradeoff of the planetary system with more simple examples, like pendulums or springs.

NASA card prepared… How do we know where the planets will be at a specific time? It will take the Curiosity / Mars Science Laboratory mission 8 months from launch to landing to reach Mars… The Red Planet isn’t staying still in the meanwhile How do we know where it will be? And it just so happens that January 11, the date of the sample lesson, is when Curiosity will be pulling a major maneuver, so it’s timely and appropriate as well.

Do I got this? I got this. I’m still nervous and double/triple checking everything though. I guess that’s a good thing. I learned from theatre that any actor who tells you that they don’t have stage fright is either full of shit or not taking it seriously enough. Signs I want this.

  • In retrospect, I should have packed the dark brown pants for the midnight blue shirt, to have an alternative to dark blue on black pants. Needless to say, I went with the light green kit.

    Further updates on an AMAZING selection day experience later!

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